Network forms of education programs: Russian and overseas experiences

  • Ilyia A. Vasiliev Saint Petersburg State University, 7–9, Universitetskaya nab., St. Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation


Network forms of education programs have slightly recently regulated in Russian law, in Federal Education Act (‘On Education in the Russian Federation’). Today we have no comprehensive examples of when subjects have been using partnership forms. This is despite the fact that the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation prepared and gained special methodological recommendations for subjects interested in using the network forms and proposed a model for collaboration. Along with that in recommendations we could not find all answers to questions connected with the network forms and approved by the dogma of such forms. Therefore we should monitor and collect some countries’ overseas experience for implementation in the Russian legal system. As such, we must make transparency in concurrency between the models of partnership forms and create education clusters as a system of contractual relationships. Refs 16.


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